What We Do

Our many advantages to our Military Schools include:

o  85+ years of experience supplying the military school industry

o  The largest supplier of military schools in the Country

o  We stock over 200,000 garments in dozens of styles and thousands of SKU’s

o  Our stock helps our customers eliminate carrying excess costly inventory and allows you to free up space for more important uses

o  Stocking program frees up cash flow for schools by relying on Hanover Uniform Company to carry the burden of inventory rather than the school

o  Our stock program consuming eliminates the traditional problems of other companies in the market including long turnaround times and high minimum orders for fill in needs

o This allows you to always have Cadets in uniform in a timely manner without requiring the purchase of excess and uniforms not immediately needed

o Out stock allows for immediate outfitting of all sized cadets by supplementing any holes in inventory of school’s current stock on hand

o Free exchanges for different sizes eliminate the guesswork of not knowing the exact sizes of arriving new students

o  Competitive pricing

o  Use of the highest quality fabric and manufacturing, 100% quality guarantee

o  Exceeded standards of the US Military and finest schools in the Nation

o Onsite tailoring, hemming, logos and other services providing for quick turnaround of customized items

Hanover Uniform Company

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